Wednesday, May 03, 2006

you will laugh

so, the people over at the apprentice must be totally scraping the bottom of the barrel for contestants to go on their lame-ass show. check out the email that i got sent through our firm's martindale-hubbell listing:

Dear Ms. [MalteseParakeet]: The sixth season of NBC's The Apprentice with Donald Trump is looking for a top-notch attorney to compete to become the next CEO of the Trump Organization. This season will be based in Los Angeles and we need phenomenal lawyers to represent our fine city. Please contact the casting director, [name withheld to protect the innocent] at [email withheld for same reason] as soon as possible to receive more information. Must be available to meet with producers this Sunday, May 7th in Santa Monica.

now i am not disputing the fact that i am a top notch attorney. however, what on god's green earth would an immigration attorney know about running a real estate company? for f's sake, people, do some research. it would be fun to go to the casting call to make fun of all the people who seriously think going on the apprentice would be a good idea, but i don't think that's worth wasting my whole sunday on.

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wendleburger said...

Oh Lorna, you SO should have gone. You could have walked in and pretended to fall over, and be clumsy, and drop stuff on the floor....just to see how they would react...