Thursday, November 16, 2006

shame on you, ucpd

a ucla student was tased repeatedly by ucpd officers for allegedly failing to show i.d. in powell library. this is just sick and wrong. at the end of the video, when a witness asks one of the officers for his name and badge number, he's told to shut up or he'll get tased, too. this is the police state that we live in now...

Friday, November 10, 2006

United in Denver is lame

Sitting on the tarmac in Denver waiting for a gate. What's the use of being early if there's no gate available? And now we've learned that the plane that is supposed to leave our gate is having some maintenance issues. We're not the only plane waiting for a gate either - I can see another one on our right. I wonder if it will be like a showdown for a mall parking spot during Christmas when the gate opens up. Personal to United - buy some scheduling software! And soon, cuz I hafta pee!

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