Tuesday, July 24, 2007

baby mcgrashoppersons

i found this little guy in my garden...

baby mcgrasshoppersons

Saturday, July 21, 2007

calling dr. freud

usually my dreams are really weird and don't make a lot of sense. things that have been on my mind may percolate up and show up in the dream in little bits, but i rarely have one of those dreams where i wake up and know that my subconscious is trying to tell me something. well, i took a nap yesterday afternoon. cue dream sequence...
i'm in a cement courtyard or plaza type area surrounded by buildings. for some reason i'm trying to wrestle a stick of dynamite away from someone, i don't know who and i can't see their face. i get the dynamite but in the process of doing so, the fuse drags along the cement and sparks. the fuse is now lit, it looks like a sparkler, and i start trying to put it out. i blow on it. it doesn't work. i lick my finger and thumb and pinch the fuse like a candle wick. that doesn't work and now i've burnt my finger. i try to stomp the fuse out. no luck. i wildly look around and see a fountain. i plunge the dynamite under water. it keeps burning under water and now starts burning faster. i have the idea to pull the fuse out of the dynamite. it doesn't work, it's like the fuse is welded in there. all the time, the fuse keeps getting shorter and shorter and i keep getting more and more panicked. i'm yelling for the person that i got the dynamite away from to help me, but they're gone. finally, the fuse is getting so short, i know the dynamite is going to explode, so i just throw it. it goes into a building and the building explodes. i realize the building is a hospital.
this is the perfect metaphor for my job. people come to me with their problems and i have to help solve them and when their situation goes badly, it's suddenly all my fault, because, by helping them, regardless of the fact that i did everything right, regardless of the fact that i did everything i could to help them, regardless of the fact that they caused their own problems in the first place, i was the one holding the bomb when it blew up.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

not your father's ukelele

check out jake shimabukuro doing a pretty amazing version of the beatles' "while my guitar gently weeps"... on the ukelele. i'm not joking. i'm not very forgiving when it comes to people covering beatles' tunes, but this kid is downright rad:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dog personalities

as i was feeding my dogs last night, i realized that one of my dogs, multy, always seems to have this impatient, incredulous attitude as i'm setting down the food. he looks at me like he'd like to say "come on, bitch, i can't believe you haven't put down the food already!" if only he could form the words with his furry little lips. i can barely get my hand out of the way before he's diving for the bowl. max, on the other hand, always seems very skittish and waits for me to put down the food and leave before he will eat...like he can't believe that i won't take it away. as i have said many times before, one of these dogs should really be black, they are so different.

update: upon re-reading this, i realized that the last sentence only makes sense if you know that my dogs both have all white fur. also, what kind of mental problems do i have that i think my dogs have expressions on their faces? i guess we'll leave that one for another day.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

in honor of july 4th

a cartoon video about the father of our nation. apparently g-dub was a badass. who knew? this is nsfw and nsfawieooodhasoh (not safe for anyone who is easily offended or otherwise doesn't have a sense of humor). it is damn funny, though.

Monday, July 02, 2007

f&*% the dos and the uscis

that's really all that needs to be said about that.