Wednesday, August 08, 2007

constitutional spam

ok, since those fuckers in congress decided to make warrentless wiretaps (which includes email, not just phones) legal, i decided to take bill maher's joke seriously and am going to start emailing myself a copy of the constitution on a regular basis. maybe that way there's a chance that someone in the government will actually read the constitution. [i heart bill maher.] anyway, i sent the first one last night from my gmail account to my work account and i just realized that it wasn't in my in box. so, i start looking around for the email and it was...wait for my spam folder. yes, you heard me. the text of the u.s. constitution triggers the spam filter yet the eleventy-two million penis enlargement-canadian pharmacy-replica watches-nigerian "investment" opportunities-incest porn emails somehow slip by? seriously. wtf?

btw, i'm changing my band name on guitar hero rocks the 80's to "constitutional spam" as soon as i get home tonite.