Thursday, May 11, 2006

another reason to choose an absentee ballot

diebold strikes again.


wendleburger said...

which is apparently the same voting system they used Tuesday evening, after Chris Daughtrey was voted OFF of American Idol....shame shame shame shame shame...sorry, it's an incurable addiction...... I've been to, but still sadly's like a McFeever I have.

barb said...

I gave up voting in person when we lived in the Keys many, many years. While your uncle was submitting his vote it went thru cattywampus but it did go thru. The person in charge of that particular function of voting turned to Uncle and said "oh we'll send it thru again, we do it all the time. Those things happen you know when you have computers."
How many other lacksadasical people use that attitude. The next year I headed up a vote absentee. To be honest I don't think there are any safe votes. When the human being is involved.

just pisses me off......and I think my fever is affecting me sorry!!!