Saturday, August 09, 2008

gifts for the niece

here she is, isn't she adorable?

we're so excited to have a baby in the family. especially one as special as ella. we all love her to bits. i think we've all gone a little baby mad, dressing her up like a little doll. ella's half-birthday is coming up, and here are the little gifts i made for her:

a little raglan sweater with a pocket for her pacifier:

sweater for ella

and a sugar skull dress:

dress for ella

by way of explanation, this is not morbid. ella's mom, her other aunt and i are fans of the mexican holiday, day of the dead. the holiday is not macabre or scary, it's about honoring and remembering relatives and friends that have passed on. the symbol of the skeleton is a principal feature of the day of the dead altar and the three of us collect skeleton items and display them all year long. so, i couldn't help but make a dress out of this material for our little darling.


barb said...

that is just my very favorite photo of that beautiful child........are you channeling Meem??? Good work girl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ella loves it. The sweater is made so beautifully. The dress rocks. Can't watit for her to wear it! I love you sis and Ella loves her auntie.
Ella's Mommy

Anonymous said...

wow u made these! incredible