Thursday, November 29, 2007

no way

u$c might relocate their football games to the rose bowl? i won't stand for it.

on that note, the big game is this saturday. we've been pretty bad this year, but we've also taken out two top 10 teams, so why not u$c? they've shown they can be beaten [cough-stanford-cough-cough] this year. and, oh wait, didn't we humiliate them last year, as well?

here's a fairly detailed history of "one of the most intense college rivalries in the United States" on (you guessed it) wikipedia.

and, finally, just for kicks, my favorite commercial ever!

go bruins!

1 comment:

barb said...

the city of Los Angeles should be hung if they allow this to happen... U$C does NOT deserve to play in the RoseBowl only if invited. When Mr Doodles saw this even he said no WAY!!!!