Tuesday, November 27, 2007

globe trotting

after visiting the fine cities of san francisco, london and washington, dc all in one month...i'm a little tired.

i was sick as a dog for the trip to sf, so no pictures.

but here's london:

tower bridge

see the rest at my london flickr set.

then, we hit dc on the way back to witness the wedding that many still can't believe actually, finally happened:

cutting the cake

and then i made my bunky schlepp to the dc zoo to see the pandas and much squeeeeeee-ing did ensue:


check out the rest of the photos on my panda flickr set!


Deborah Eley De Bono said...

If you knitted the dogs a little sweater with a black band and a little shoe polish, they could look like these guys.

doodles said...

is that your mother giving you these wacky ideas??? Great idea for Halloween tho ;)
We need to go see the baby in SanDiego cause he just took his first steps, soon he will be going off to college and we'll miss him.

Anonymous said...

love how one photo label that says "panda butt."