Saturday, March 26, 2005


spyware has got to be the most evil thing ever invented by mankind. seriously, people, i do not want to play blackjack at an illegal offshore casino, refinance my home or learn about unbelievable travel deals. i think the thing that tipped me off that i had spyware issues was the 8,000 pop ups for spyware detecting software. can they be that stupid to advertise something that blocks their advertising? probably not. so, figuring that the spyware software they were advertising was just another way to install spyware onto my computer, i closed the 17 popup windows that had just opened on my screen and went straight to the microsoft site and dowloaded the free anti-spyware beta. 15 minutes later, i am spyware free and surfing the web, gloriously pop-up free. thank you microsoft. pick it up at i highly recommend it.

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