Wednesday, March 23, 2005

so here we are

ok, we're going to try this again. i feel the need to have an online record of stuff. what i think is funny. what i think is annoying. annoying but funny. funny but annoying. plus everyone in l.a. has a blog or a script and i don't have a script, so this is the only thing left. funny, i am being brutalized by my 5 pound dog. max chews his nails to sharpen them during the day while i am at work. when i come home, he paws and swats at me. it's like a million paper cuts. he just got my nose because i wasn't paying enough attention to him while i am typing this. i look like i have been attacked by a gang of rabid cats. annoying, the u.s. citizenship & immigration services released another version of the i-129 from again, just 6 days after they sprung the last one on us (on a friday night). yay, we thought. i bet they fixed the mistakes (the duplicative questions; the place where they ask the province and country of birth, but not the city; the quaint olde english spelling of "previouse"). no, no changes that we can see. wtf? this is your government, folks.

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