Sunday, May 04, 2008

mama's got a brand new bag

well, i finally found my way into a container store for the first time today. baaaad, baaad place for me to go. so many things i didn't know i needed! i think i did ok, though. but, i'm going to try to not ever go back. one thing i did find was pretty cool. i've been looking for a new briefcase-type bag to carry stuff to and fro the office. not a "nice" briefcase, i already have one of those, but one to replace the more casual bag that i have that i can throw my computer, files, dogs, etc. into. i didn't want to get a new leather bag, and the faux-leather one i had before couldn't take the wear and tear, but i didn't quite know what to get instead. here's what i found in the container store!

it's from the billboard series of bags from ecologic designs. it's made from reclaimed billboard vinyl, which is cool because it's really sturdy and easy to clean. plus, to me, it's even more cool to give a second use to something that is not recyclable or biodegradable, which vinyl is not. they've got a lot of other cool products made from sustainable, reclaimed or recycled materials, like rubber from tire innertubes, plastic bottles, hemp and bamboo.

p.s., that's one of my other reclaimed materials bags peeking in the background. it's made of plastic from juice pouches cut into strips and woven into a bag and it's currently my knitting bag.

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barb said...

uncle does not let me go into the Container Store anymore.........I am a fiend in there. But if I did I would buy that bag......gtreat idea!!!