Sunday, May 27, 2007

memorial day weekend in bed

so, who gets a cold in the end of may? i do. this sucks. so, i'm in the fold out bed in the guest room with the sore throat and the stuffiness and the completely plugged up right ear. did i mention this sucks? i'm completely wired, though, so i'm not at a loss for entertainment or communication during my banishment. i've got my laptop, my blackberry and my zen mp3 player. i've got my trillian instant messenger going on my laptop so i can buzz my cutie to bring me tea, if i need it. it's like a 21st century bell! and i've got the slingbox connection going, so i can watch tv from my laptop while in bed. on the low tech side, i've got two white furballs taking up some space on the bed doing their best to keep me warm. i'd like to think they're concerned about me, but they're just happy to have any excuse to sleep on the bed. right now, i'm watching the indy 500. there's three women driving this year (sarah fisher, danica patrick & milka duno) - how cool is that!?

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Deborah Eley De Bono said...

Sorry you are in bed. Your ear was trying to tell you something last week. Do feel better.