Friday, February 23, 2007

our disposable society

i was just kvetching the other day about the countless plastic bottles associated with my newfound bikram yoga habit: bottles of water; bottles of gatorade; bottles of vitamin water; bottles of propel fitness water. and then the path to freedom urban homestead folks had this little post: bottled water is like driving a hummer. they suggest purchasing one of their stainless steel water bottles as an alternative (yes, these hippies are serious capitalists). i'd try that, except after a bikram yoga class, i'd expect that my water would be hot enough to make tea! i've been lugging around one of those faux-nalgene bottles for a while, but if i forget it, i just buy the water before my class. now, i'm going to make a serious commitment to keep it by my side and try not to be tempted by the fancy vitamin waters and sports drinks. i'm sure by pocketbook will be happier, too.

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Deborah Eley De Bono said...

The most important question I have to ask is how easy is it to keep clean? Will it go in the dish washer? Most bottles have such a small neck. Let me know how you like it in a month.