Thursday, October 12, 2006

google searches

i love that my site meter lets me see what search terms were when someone ends up at my page from a search engine, like google, etc. here are the most recent search terms that landed people at my site. how many do you think were disappointed by what they found?

moute kicks boute
pears can just fuck right off
hear live parakeet singing
maltese peasants
lorenzo mata t-shirt
stream bitchin camaro
trackwheel broken ipod
history maltese dessert
"proudest monkey" "grey street" "rapunzel" "august 25"
"crash into me" "with bela fleck"
uscis reg flag
Kevin and bean podcast
what does signifying mean in mustang sally
billies maltese family

i think the "maltese peasants" searcher was probably most disappointed although maybe the "hear live parakeets singing" person was probably a close second. the "wthiwwjp" searcher hit paydirt when they found my links to videos of japanese people doing strange things on tv shows. i love the internets!


Annie said...

LOL. The most popular word for my friend's blog (Casual Slack) was "weird shit". Hahahaha!

Mine were not that interesting. Actually I can't even remember any of them. Oh well.

Btw, I just linked you :D

Anonymous said...

The weird searches seem to be in the wee hours of the morning, no?