Saturday, June 10, 2006

a new feature

a few weeks ago, my internet connection at home was down for about 3 weeks and i couldn't download any podcasts. i know, boo-hoo. the upside was that i was digging much deeper in my i-pod archives than i normally would and have been listening to some stuff that i haven't heard in a while. let me tell you, some of it has not aged well. but some of it really has and i love the feeling of listening to an album that you haven't heard in a while and remembering why you loved it so much way back when. and thus the idea for "what's on lorna's i-pod now?" was born.

i found my self listening to aztec camera's stray album when i was walking the dogs recently. this album really has aged well. i remember getting it during my freshman year at ucla, having been introduced to it by my friend, jason. (wonder what ever happened to him?). it's got a smoky jazz club piano feel to it sometimes, but there are some songs that rock. the title song, stray, is sweet and soulful. notting hill blues and over my head, pure torch songs. how it is, good morning britain and get out of london rock. mick jones from the clash does some guest vocals on britain and has one of the best lines - "don't be too black, don't be too gay; just get a little duller." highly recommended.

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