Thursday, March 23, 2006

Moute Kicks Boute

Can you believe it! I put on my Moute Kicks Boute shirt and just believed. Luc repaid me by coming up with the winning basket and the crucial steal at the end...and he made that fucking porn-stache freak Adam Morrison cry like the little girl that he is! I am exhausted from the jumping and hoarse from the screaming and my neighbors are probably about ready to call the cops, but I don't care! MY BRUINS are going to the Elite 8 for the first time since 1997! Now all I have to do find a place in Tokyo to watch the game...oh yeah, and pack!

P.S. How classy is Arron Afflalo to go pick Porn-Stache Cry Baby up off the floor? Note the conspicuous absence of Gonzaga teammates around Morrison in his moment of shame.


barb said...

I wore my Bruins 1995 Championship hopes..........stayed up and watched the whole glad I did. I tivo'd it as well and watch the final moments again this morning woo fucking hoo!!!!
I need a nap..........

Oh yeah sleep on the plane - good flying!!!

Deborah Eley De Bono said...

When you called to say you'd won, at first I thought it was the Lotto, glad it was the Bruins.

Happy vacation