Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FUCK $C - yeah, i said it!

proud to be a bruin tonight! proud to wear my "i heart vy" (vince young) shirt and rub some salt in $c's football wounds. and so proud to watch our team out score, out rebound, out run, out class and just generally humiliate u$c from jordan farmar's ice-water-in-his-veins 3 point shot literally seconds into the game to the crowning glory of seeing kelvin kim subbed in near the end (you know the team you're playing is bad when our scrappy korean walk-on and crowd favorite gets court time). it was a joy to watch arron aflalo's intensity on offense and defense. i couldn't have been more thrilled to see luc-richard mbah a moute (who else has royalty on their team?), alfred aboya and ryan wright pulling down rebounds, blocking shots, forcing turnovers and generally making huge plays. darren collison's quickness brings a tear to my eye as i recall the good ol' days of tyus edney! it was great to witness mike roll coming into his own and in the starting lineup again. and i practically fainted at ryan hollins' two, yes two, no really, i'm telling you, two dunks in one game! i know cedric bozeman, josh shipp, lorenzo mata and michael fey were dying to be on the court, too, and we really miss seeing them play.

so, here's to my bruins. thanks for that game, you made us proud. we really needed that win to remind us that we are indeed the mighty bruins!

and as for $c's coach, let me just tell you that his technical foul was not for crumpling up his game plan and throwing it to the ground, it was for kicking the basketball as it was rolling towards ref and he should have been thrown out for it instead of that cheap technical foul.

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