Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i'm famous

well, not exactly, but adam curry did read my email to him on daily source code 270 (10/31/05). you can hear it here:


(it's at about the 20 minute mark if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.)

and yes, contrary to my prediction on 3/26/05, i am still listening to podcasts (and, somewhat remarkably, still blogging)! the addition of a combined aggregator and podcast directory in itunes 4.7 really helped. i barely listen to "commercial radio" anymore. i spend a few minutes in the morning listening to kevin & bean out of loyalty and that's about it. this podcast thing is entertainment on demand, like tivo for your radio, but with better content. my only problem is finding enough time to listen to all the stuff that i subscribe to. if you are not subscribing to podcasts yet, what are you waiting for?

in case you care, here's a list of podcasts i subscribe to. they are definitely worth checking out and you can find them all on itunes:

daily source code (obviously)
the word nerds
5 minutes with wichita
the weekly presidential radio address [parody]
grape radio
good food
le show
immigration fridays
the roadhouse podcast
digital flotsam
colonial williamsburg podcast

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