Tuesday, September 20, 2005

memo intended for turdblossom

an article posted at rawstory.com shows a copy of a memo allegedly accidentally faxed from congressperson lamar smith's office to a democratic congressperson's office, originally intended for karl rove. i am not sure this is authentic. the site says it is. do people really send faxes anymore? does karl rove run the entire presidency now?

one of mr. smith's more interesting statements from the memo:

"Enforcement of immigration laws, current and new, should come first to satisfy the increasing public demand for border security. It will not be enough to pass enforcement bills this fall that will take a year or two to produce results. Current laws need to be better enforced so the American people see results immediately. (Liberals can easily and accurately be painted as opposing enforcement). Only then as enforcement begins to gain traction, should the twin subjects of guestworkers and long-time illegal residents be addressed." [Emphasis added.]

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