Thursday, May 15, 2008

i think it's time for a new keyboard

i've worn off a lot of the letters on my keyboard. it doesn't bother me, since i don't look at the letters when i type. but it really freaks other people out when they see my keyboard or have to use my computer. tech support hates me. the letters that are worn off are: e; r; t (mostly gone); u (mostly gone); s; d; f; h (mostly gone); c; v; and m (mostly gone). here's the weird thing, though, the letters aren't worn off evenly or even in a pattern that suggests use of more letters than others. more letters on the left side are worn off that the right. and yes, i am procrastinating, why do you ask?


Moon said...

Who wears off the letters? I've been working on computers for years, in large and small companies and I've never seen the letters wear off.

Just how much typing do you do???

Doodles said...

well I have had this laptop for four years and the N M S are wearing off.
I need a new laptop at the end of the summer I think.