Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i can knit

so i've picked up the trendy new chick hobby of knitting. see stich and bitch. i had been knitting scarves like a madwoman when i decided, "why should my friends and family be the only ones to suffer from my new hobby, when i can torture my dogs, too?" and thus began the search for an easy dog sweater to knit. i found this one online. i like it a lot; it is quite simple and only took me about a day. granted, it was all christmas eve day on the couch watching christmas movies, but it was a day nonetheless. max was the first victim. here he is modeling his new garment...

squinty mc squintersons
squinty mc squintersons

side view
side view

multy, you're next. mwaaa haa haaaa!


Anonymous said...

What a perfect model. I love the sweater and when you're finished with Multi, Buddy needs one.

I can attest to her prowess I have a scarf.

doodles said...

Is that just the cutest puppy in his designer sweater. Buddy the DOG needs a sweater NOT Buddy the CAT. I love have many hidden talents my dear.

stopokaygo said...

Hope you can read this, an article from the LAist (worth the cut and paste). Happy New Year!